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Danielle Hildebrand Lonardo, Professional Realtor®

When it comes to Utah Real Estate, look no further! In 2021, Danielle was recognized as a Top 500 Realtor, putting her in the top 3% of real estate agents in total sales volume. Danielle is PASSIONATE beyond words about helping her clients buy and sell homes and has a vast knowledge of different real estate transactions and knows all of the tips & tricks to build the best deals for her clients.

Danielle works on all sides of the real estate transaction and always stays 100% up to date to ensure her clients are able to write the most competitive offers or receive the record sales price in their neighborhood. She is competitive, yet also understands that to be successful in life & in real estate, a win-win attitude is always the right solution.

When helping Sellers, Danielle will always go the extra mile to help prepare all homes to ensure they will sell for the ultimate top dollar for her clients. She's a problem solver, a do-er, and believes in taking all of the correct steps before listing a home. She will coordinate all professional cleaning, home staging, & is a firm believer in ALWAYS HIRING a professional photographer!

​When helping Buyers, one of Danielle's favorite parts is structuring deals to best assist her clients in reaching their goals. She is an open book and great educator on how and where you can save up front cash whether it be with closing costs, buying down the interest rate, financing in repairs, or a multitude of other options. She is motivated, creative, and excited to structure your deal to best suit your needs.

​Danielle firmly believes in real estate as a wealth building tool and practices what she preaches. She owns many rental properties and is very passionate about what real estate can and will do for you if done correctly. She can often times be found remodeling something, quoting cheesy real estate quotes, & learning more about the real estate industry or how to be the best agent possible!


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"You need Danielle in your life. Danielle recently sold a house for us.  She really did a great job of preparing the house for sale, talking us through the offers, representing/protecting us when the buyer requested a couple of extensions. She did great research on the area, and really played up the strengths of the house.  We had offers the day it was listed. The BEST thing is her communication and customer service.  She sent detailed emails; she answered the phone whenever we called, and she responded to texts quickly.  She was soooo patient with us throughout this process when we had so many questions.  If you need a realtor, you should call Danielle.  Today.  Right now.  Do it!"

Brooke G. - September 2020

"REPEAT CLIENTS! Danielle sold what we thought was an unsellable house for us last year. We thought so much of her representation, that we used her to sell our condo this summer. Again, we didn't see the potential there. Danielle gave great advice on preparing the home for sale, and and organized the fix-ups so that our home was in great condition for its sale. She managed EVERYTHING and got us more than we could have imagined. Again, she went above and beyond with communication, market expertise, and negotiating skills. We wish would could have taken her to our new state to represent us in buying our new home. She is absolutely, hands down, the best realtor we have ever worked with. You can't go wrong with Danielle."

Brooke G. – July 2021

"I would absolutely recommend Danielle to anyone looking to buy a home, especially their first home! She is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but what really sets her apart is her willingness to go above and beyond for her clients. She was instrumental in helping me buy my first home and provided incredible resources, advice, and more. Danielle is an amazing real estate agent and I hope to work with her again someday!"

Sarah Z. - June 2020

"Danielle is the most valuable asset you'll have on your real estate team. I was impressed with her knowledge of the local market, DIY ideas, and the real estate process itself. She really cares about you finding the perfect house and will never pressure you to buy. As soon as I decided on a house, Danielle was able to move quickly and place an offer. I felt so comfortable as Danielle walked me through home buying process for the first time. She always briefed me so I knew what to expect at each step.

Danielle arranged for tons of contractors to come bid on work to be done on the house. She used all those to write such a well articulated and compelling counter offer which saved me money. She also researched sales of comparable houses to make sure I was not overpaying. I would have never been able to do this on my own with my own full-time job. Danielle exceeded my expectations from beginning to end. She is experienced, talented, thoughtful, and caring."


Bryan M. - February 2020

"Do yourself a huge favor and hire Danielle to help you buy or sell your home. She is so incredible! I hired Danielle to sell my mother’s home shortly after my mom passed. Danielle made a really sad and confusing time in my life actually tolerable. Believe me when I say that it took someone who is kind, compassionate, beyond knowledgeable, ridiculously patient, and genuinely committed to get the absolute best outcome for everyone involved. Throughout the entire process I always felt that I was Danielle’s only client, I knew I wasn’t but she always made me feel like I was. No question I had was stupid and no request was ever too much. She made me feel valued and important. Did I mention that I live out of state? Danielle always made sure that the property looked amazing. She took care of everything that I wasn’t there to do. She went far and above- Danielle is the absolute BEST of the best!"

Pennie W. - November 2019

"Danielle was a great person to work with. First off, she spent months finding houses for us to look at, and she understood exactly what we were looking for. She was always available to show us places, sometimes going back to the same places over and over again. She never pressured us to make an offer on anything. Once we found a place we liked, she spent days negotiating with the seller. Even after we had agreed to the price, she pushed them to drop just a little bit more. She researched prices for work that needed to be done (tree cutting, plumbing, etc.). There's no way we would have had time to deal with any of that, but Danielle was on top of it. I highly recommend working with Danielle. She's very good at what she does and very pleasant to work with. We've since referred two of our close friends to her, both of which ended up buying homes with her."

Frank B. - March 2019


"I cannot say enough good things about Danielle. Her professionalism and understanding of all the in's and out's of real estate are amazing. She was so responsive to every question I had (of which there were many), and explained every little step that I needed to do. She was also very on top of the other parties involved from the lenders to the contractors and ensured that they were all being kept on time and were going to meet the deadlines given. Even after the close on the home she was still extremely responsive and helpful in answering questions I had. She is fantastic and I would highly recommend her."

Connor C. – December 2021

"Danielle did an absolutely incredible job with helping us look for a house and purchasing one! She sat down with us and listened to what we were looking for. She was diligent in understanding our needs and parameters. She was enthusiastic about every single house that we saw -- even if we just wanted to go see a house to get a better understanding of what we liked/didn't like. She was actually the one that found us our first house! As first time home buyers, we had no idea what we were doing.  Danielle's knowledge of the area, home buying processes, and negotiations made me feel extremely comfortable and calm about making such a huge life decision and purchase. I was very impressed with her communication skills. She did not miss a beat on anything -- communicating deadlines, bidding times, reaching out and communicating with various people who were coming in and out of the house, etc. Her organization and communication skills are impeccable!"

Yuliya K. - June 2020



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